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Happy Holidays from the Lumina Tales Team!

Hello, hello, everyone! As the holiday season rolls around, so does our progress with Tales of Destiny 2. We recently hit some big milestones on both the translation and editing fronts, and we’re excited to share those numbers with a general progress update early in the new year. That said, we are still on track… Continue Reading →

Cleaning the Lens: Introducing High-Res Skit Images

Welcome back, up-and-coming heroes! This month’s update covers something new! There’s quite a bit of ground to cover, but nothing beats experiencing it firsthand. See for yourselves: If you haven’t guessed already, part of what we’re currently working on is implementing high-resolution skit images into Tales of Destiny 2 in order to enhance the game’s… Continue Reading →

What’s in a Name? A Look into Naming Conventions

If you’ve ever played a Tales of game, then you’re probably familiar with the wide array of unique terms that are bound to crop up in each title. Some are unique to that game’s world—names, locations, terminology, and mechanics specific to that title—while others such as artes and skills are recurring and can be found in a number of titles. Naturally, Tales of Destiny and Tales of Destiny 2 have quite a few of these. Today, we’re going to take a look at our process for deciding how these names, locations, and some terminology are implemented.

Special Footage and What’s to Come

Happy September! This is definitely an exciting month for the Tales of community. We hope everyone who is playing Tales of Arise is having a great time. We at Lumina Tales certainly are, but alongside playing we are of course also continuing our work! We have continued to make great progress since our announcement back… Continue Reading →

Upcoming Appearances of Lumina Tales

This month’s update covers something different from usual, which is the appearance of the Lumina Tales team in upcoming digital events held by the Tales of community! We at Lumina Tales were kindly invited to participate in two such events to talk about the Tales of series, Lumina Tales, and the fan translation process. The… Continue Reading →

Skits: From Illegible to Beautiful

kits—the voiced interactions of the protagonists using animated portraits—have always been one of the main attractions of Tales games, making the characters alive and relatable. That’s why we put special care into ensuring that watching a skit in Tales of Destiny 2 is as enjoyable as possible!

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