Upcoming Appearances of Lumina Tales

This month’s update covers something different from usual, which is the appearance of the Lumina Tales team in upcoming digital events held by the Tales of community! We at Lumina Tales were kindly invited to participate in two such events to talk about the Tales of series, Lumina Tales, and the fan translation process.

The first of these events is the Tales of Marathon Stream. Hosted by PanbanRichard, the Tales of Marathon Stream is an event wherein three Tales of games that were voted by the community are going to be played over the course of nine days. Quite the marathon indeed! Major fans in the community have been invited to provide commentary for the event, and a giveaway will be held during the stream as well.

The Tales of Marathon Stream will take place from August 31, 2021 to September 8, 2021. Lumina Tales will be appearing on stream on September 7! During this time, we will be chatting about the Tales of series and giving commentary for the game being played on stream. We will also talk a little bit about Lumina Tales itself and will be open to answering questions that viewers may have.

We have prepared some special footage to share for the stream, so be sure to tune in to get another glimpse into our Tales of Destiny 2 project! You can catch the Tales of Marathon Stream on Twitch.

The second event that Lumina Tales will be participating in is Rappig Crossing. Based in the Midwest U.S., Rappig Crossing is a game convention dedicated to celebrating all things Tales of. The event will be held digitally on September 18, 2021 and will include an online artist alley, masquerade (including craftsmanship, hall, and pet categories), and panels.

Lumina Tales will be holding one of these panels on September 18! Our panel, titled “How It’s Done: Through the Lens of Lumina Tales,” will focus on the team’s process for not only translating Tales of Destiny 2 and Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut but also enhancing their features (e.g., skits, fonts, and more) and properly localizing them. We will be focusing on Tales of Destiny 2 in particular during this panel. Most of the panel will involve us discussing this process, but we will have time allocated for an audience Q&A as well!

The panel will take place over Discord. You can check out or follow Rappig Crossing’s Twitter or official website for more updates about the convention!

We will be sure to give another heads up about our appearances and the specific times of our blocks closer to the events themselves, both on our Twitter and in next month’s blog post. We look forward to chatting with the community about our project and our love for the Tales of series, and we are grateful to both events for providing us with this opportunity!

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