Special Footage and What’s to Come

Happy September! This is definitely an exciting month for the Tales of community. We hope everyone who is playing Tales of Arise is having a great time. We at Lumina Tales certainly are, but alongside playing we are of course also continuing our work!

We have continued to make great progress since our announcement back in May, and we have some special footage to share. This footage was premiered during the Tales of Marathon Stream and includes a little tease of a couple of things, namely story cutscenes and gameplay. So you may go in prepared, the following footage is a ways into the game and does contain spoilers. The information presented includes plot points alluded to early on in the game, but its presentation is certainly impactful, so we want to make sure that anyone who is looking to go into our patch without any spoilers is warned. We will soon be showing more footage that does not contain spoilers, and more information on that is at the end of this post. With that said, please enjoy!

We also wanted to take this time to thank everyone who joined us during the Tales of Marathon Stream, as well as PanbanRichard for inviting us. Cherrim and jenachuu had a wonderful time sharing details about Lumina Tales and its inception and process as well as chatting about the Tales of series, favorite titles and characters, other franchises, and the game that was being played on stream, Tales of Berseria. It was great getting to revisit Velvet Crowe and her crew on their emotional journey after all these years, including experiencing some of Laphicet’s most powerful moments once again.

As mentioned in our previous blog post, our next appearance will be at Rappig Crossing on Saturday, September 18! We will be hosting a panel entitled “How It’s Done: Through the Lens of Lumina Tales.” This panel will be held at 3:00pm EST over Discord. We will be discussing how Lumina Tales started and sharing more details about our workflow. We will have time for an audience Q&A session as well.

We will also have screenshots and more new footage to share, which focuses on dialogue and the translation and localization process. The footage we will be sharing at the panel will not contain spoilers! Of course, we will be sure to share this footage again in next month’s blog post for anyone who was not at the panel. Please look forward to it. We hope to see you there!

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