Happy Holidays from the Lumina Tales Team!

Hello, hello, everyone! As the holiday season rolls around, so does our progress with Tales of Destiny 2. We recently hit some big milestones on both the translation and editing fronts, and we’re excited to share those numbers with a general progress update early in the new year. That said, we are still on track to release a complete, QA-checked patch in 2022 as originally planned! This past year in particular has seen great progress, and we can’t wait to share all our hard work and this wonderful story and fun game with you all soon.

In the mean time, we wanted to use our December blog post to wish you all a safe, warm, and joyous holiday season and new year. eLTeh (Twitter, Pixiv) from our team took the time to make this beautiful art of the Destiny crew enjoying the holidays together. And so, here is our gift to you! (Don’t ask us what Harold made. We have no clue. Only Harold understands Harold. Also, Loni’s fine.)

Thank you again for all your support these past several months. While we officially announced our project only in May of this year, we have been working on it for quite a few years now. It has been a long but fulfilling and exciting journey, and your support has only motivated us even more. Thank you, everyone!

We’ll see you again in 2022.

2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from the Lumina Tales Team!

  1. Thank you for the all the work that you guys are doing!! and Happy holidays to all the teams working on this project as well!!


  2. Merry Xmas lumina crew!!

    Looking forward to seeing more works from you all. Keep up the amazing job guys and don’t forget to have fun 😀!


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