Editing, Editing, and More Editing

Happy July, everyone! We know that since our last update in May, people have been pretty excited to hear more about our progress as we near the finish line for the text of Tales of Destiny 2. All hands are on deck right now, but we did want to go ahead and at least provide a progress update as we continue working on things.

Currently we are in the finalization stage of editing! We’re close to having the text ready for re-insertion (and then QA testing). As we mentioned before in our blog post on skits, one of the big quality-of-life updates we have been working on for Tales of Destiny 2 is changing the subtitles of skits from a horizontal scroll to conventional subtitles.

Our current project is manually subtitling all of these skits with the edited text we have. This is quite a big task, as there are 608 skits in the game, and we need to time the audio with our new subtitles. This is also requiring us to go back and re-edit some strings of text in skits to ensure that everything flows well for players. Some lines are just fairly long compared to the audio, making them awkward to read. So we are tweaking these along the way to ensure the best possible experience for you all!

We don’t have much else to share right now, but we wanted to provide our usual bimonthly update to let you all know the project is alive and well and very active. We thank you all for your continued support and patience along the way, and we look forward to providing another update in September!

Stay cool, stay safe, and we’ll see you all again soon!

11 thoughts on “Editing, Editing, and More Editing

  1. So close now guys ! Do you guys have a discord channel for people to join so we will be able to find updates & chat about the game & any issues ??


  2. beating -> beaming ?
    I’ve never heard of “beating” when talking about the sun.
    Either way, thanks for all your hard work ❤


  3. thank you for your work i have both destineys game gave up on the jap verson i cant play it as is so you all made my day cant wait to actuly play it i made it to last chapter but clueless bout story


  4. You have an entire support from us the fans, we would support you even if that means helping ourselves with everything you need for the patch, so dont give up! ❣️


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