September Update? Leaf It to Us!

It’s that time. The temperature is cooling. Maybe the trees are turning orange. The apples are fantastic. Autumn… and another update from Lumina Tales!

Since our last update in July, our progress on Tales of Destiny 2 has admittedly slowed juuuust a bit. Pretty much the entire team at Lumina Tales had some life changes occur in the past two months. As we’ve mentioned before, our work on these patches is a passion project through and through that we do whenever we can outside of our lives, careers, and other hobbies, so life did have to come first for a bit these past two months. We wanted to go ahead and be transparent about that.

That said, as of this month, we have gotten back into making steady progress again. Things are rolling! So let’s talk about that.

In our July update, we mentioned working on skit subtitling. Part of our team is still working on this, as it’s a pretty tremendous task. We are still editing things as needed alongside the subtitling as well.

We used our thinking muscles for this one!

“Hey, Lumina Tales. We want something a bit meatier.”

Yes, progress! We are happy to announce that, besides the additional editing that needs to be done for subtitles as we work on them, Tales of Destiny 2 is officially 100% edited! This means we have officially moved on to the next phase of our project: text reinsertion.

Our programmers have already implemented most reinsertion tools required and are now working on integration to prepare an ISO/patch so that it can be easily distributed among our team and other internal members for QA testing prior to release. There is also some hacking that still needs to be done for Tales of Destiny 2, most notably for the mini games.

So we’re basically working on quite a few different tasks at this time, but they are moving along wonderfully. We have some more in-depth posts in mind to write up in the coming months, so we look forward to sharing those and more updates as we continue making progress. For now, go get some cider!

19 thoughts on “September Update? Leaf It to Us!

  1. “Hey, Lumina Tales. We want something a bit meatier.”

    Just happy you guys have a passion for the games and can make this happen! Please don’t feel the need to rush or kill yourselves. While I am excited to see progress the number one think to keep healthy is not the flow of information, it’s your own wellbeing. That said I appreciate everything you are doing, and I hope one day I can enjoy the game with everyone else 🙂


  2. Dudes takes your time!
    Don’t worry about us, we are aware that these things takes a lot of time and even more effort to produce.

    With that said, I can’t wait to get my hands on this one day!


  3. As an original Tales fan, I’ve waited 20 years for Tales of Destiny 2 to finally be playable in English. It’s crazy after how all this time, the finish line finally seems within reach. I can’t thank Lumina Tales enough for giving these forgotten gems the translation they deserve! I’ll be there Day 1 to play them, and I hope you guys can eventually work on Phantasia Full Voice Edition, Destiny DC and Rebirth as well!


  4. It’s fine. Life happens to everybody. I’m just stoked and thankful that finally, after almost 20 years, Tales fans will be able to experience the true successor to the original Tales of Destiny thanks to your team’s tireless efforts! We’re almost there…


  5. not long now just bout few more months it be ready in time for Christmas it be a gift for most keep up the work and take care of your health and livinghood first


  6. Hey guys. I appreciate the work you’re doing. I really enjoyed your ToD1 Director’s Cut translation and I’m sure ToD2 will be just as good. Tales is my favorite game series and I’ve played every one except this, hearts and rebirth (the ones that haven’t been translated). ToD1 might be my favorite entry in the series, and I’ve been looking forward so much to your ToD2 translation coming out that I’ve checked your site almost every day for its release since the spring time.

    Unfortunately though, after may months of waiting, I won’t be able to play it. You see, my power was just shut off last week. I knew it was going to shut off at some point but I didn’t know when. That’s what happens when you stop working and stop paying your bills. I’ve basically given up on life after years of being depressed and having kidney problems from drinking so much, only being in my 30’s. I don’t have any friends or family and I don’t even remember the last time I had a real life conversation with anyone. The next thing that’s going to happen soon is I will be thrown out of my house and all my belongings taken from me, possibly having to go to court for debts, then to jail for not showing up to court or paying said debts, etc. But that’s okay because I “won’t be here when that happens”.

    I was really looking forward to playing ToD2 and it’s the only game I’ve really wanted to play. I thought for sure it was coming out this summer. From reading your past updates, it sounded like it was GOING TO COME OUT sometime in the summer if not by the end of it. But it didn’t. You said 2 posts ago that “all hands were on deck” as if it was right about to come out. Then in the next post, you negate that by saying there have been life changes for everyone and progress slowed way down for the last couple months. So which one was it? I don’t mean to be abrasive but I just wish you guys could have hustled a little more and gotten it finished sometime over the summer which I assume was the original intention. Have a good life everyone. Sayonara.


  7. Very excited! I recently beat Tales of Destiny Director’s cut three different times (All in Japanese- I couldn’t read a single word) Then Leon’s story was all in English, followed by Stahn’s story all in English. Can’t wait for part 2!


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