Meet the Teams

At present, the whole of the Lumina Tales team is split for the Lumina Destiny project. We’re just a small group of passionate Tales of fans, looking to illuminate some of the darkest corners of this franchise: the games that haven’t had a chance to be officially localized. Our goal is to bring that passion for these games to the forefront by translating and presenting that content with the highest quality possible.

The Lumina Destiny project is co-led by jenachuu and straylize.

Tales of Destiny 2

  • Lead Programmer: LostTemplar
  • Lead Translator: jenachuu
  • Translators: straylize, Polka
  • Lead Editor: straylize
  • Editors: Herohom, Polka
  • Video Editing: Choojermelon

Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut

  • Lead Programmer: LostTemplar
  • Programmer: Ribose
  • Lead Translator: Cherrim
  • Translators: jenachuu, Polka, straylize
  • Lead Editor: straylize
  • Editors: Herohom, Polka

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