September Update? Leaf It to Us!

It's that time. The temperature is cooling. Maybe the trees are turning orange. The apples are fantastic. Autumn... and another update from Lumina Tales! Since our last update in July, our progress on Tales of Destiny 2 has admittedly slowed juuuust a bit. Pretty much the entire team at Lumina Tales had some life changes... Continue Reading →

Special Footage and What’s to Come

Happy September! This is definitely an exciting month for the Tales of community. We hope everyone who is playing Tales of Arise is having a great time. We at Lumina Tales certainly are, but alongside playing we are of course also continuing our work! We have continued to make great progress since our announcement back... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Appearances of Lumina Tales

This month's update covers something different from usual, which is the appearance of the Lumina Tales team in upcoming digital events held by the Tales of community! We at Lumina Tales were kindly invited to participate in two such events to talk about the Tales of series, Lumina Tales, and the fan translation process. The... Continue Reading →

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